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Dufour launches Aero3

ANOTHER MONTH, another new electric vertical take-off and landing...

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Tamarack back in the black

Tamarack has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and...

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CAE, Seeing Machines to upgrade Australian Hawk simulators

CAE AUSTRALIA has been awarded a contract by Australia’s Capability...

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Buyer’s market

Increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific have led many countries...

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Stingray meets Hawkeye

BOEING AND the US Navy have conducted a second carrier-based...

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Going green

The need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions has led to biofuel...

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Cargo collaboration

AIR MOBILITY company Skyports will work with Australian drone...

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Strike action

For airports and the airlines that serve them, few weather phenomena...

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Leonardo’s AW101 training

LEONARDO IS currently training the latest Royal Norwegian Air...

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G700 preview for Qatar Executive

A Gulfstream G700 at Doha International Airport at the end of...

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Porter Airlines opts for world’s lightest seats

A combination of composite materials and titanium has made the...

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NASA develops radiation risk detection capability

THE SENSITIVITY of an individual astronaut’s DNA to radiation...

US Navy’s AARGM-ER missile enters production

Northrop Grumman has announced the AGM-88G Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile Extended Range (AARGM-ER), developed under contract with the US Navy, has achieved a Milestone C decision

Hong Kong completes construction of third runway

The airport is targeting a 2022 in service date for the facility’s new tarmac

second Ka-31 serialed Red 032 Feature Premium

Eye in the sky

Without doubt, one of the most formidable airborne early warning and over-the-horizon targeting rotary-wing platforms in the world today, the Kamov Ka-31 offers long-range detection against air and sea targets together with a sophisticated jam-resistant and secure datalink system



Upcoming Events

FlightSimExpo 2021


San Diego, United States

FlightSimExpo is North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference. This year’s hybrid event takes place in San Diego and online.

Dubai Airshow 2021



Dubai Airshow 2021 is all set to be one of the most significant in-person aerospace events to take place this year and has already been marked as a must-attend by regional and global organisations keen to accelerate their speed of recovery.