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History in the Air Since 1911

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Most experienced FB-111 pilot stories

Outright speed and outstanding low-level capabilities were what the General Dynamics FB-111A brought to US Air Force Strategic Air Command, during a somewhat unsung 20-plus years of service

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The secret Cold War RAF missions to test Soviet radars

Radio Proving Flights: the innocuous name given to top-secret electronic intelligence-gathering sorties, approved at the highest level, probing the performance of Soviet radar systems. In a lesser-known facet of its brief RAF service, the Boeing Washington was among the platforms that undertook this crucial Cold War role.

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Pilot recalls flying the challenging MiG-23BN 'Flogger'

What was life like as a ground attack pilot on the other side of the Iron Curtain, flying the challenging MiG-23BN attack aircraft with East Germany’s air arm? Some of the tactics may have been familiar in the West, but certain underlying doctrines weren’t

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Vickers Valiant co-pilot on flying the ‘forgotten’ V-bomber

The Vickers Valiant: first of the ‘V-bombers’, and the one now most forgotten, despite how it paved the way for those that followed. A former co-pilot takes us into the Valiant’s cockpit, first in training with No 232 Operational Conversion Unit and then operationally on reconnaissance missions with No 543 Squadron, and reveals a capable but sometimes challenging aeroplane

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British aviation 2012-2022: mastering cutting-edge tech

Concluding a seven-part series, we examine what the picture is like for Britain’s aeronautical sector 70 years into the ‘new Elizabethan’ age

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SR-71 pilot and RSO recall operating iconic Blackbird

Flying the Lockheed SR-71A was a team effort like no other in the US Air Force. In a unique joint interview, a pilot and reconnaissance systems officer who formed just such a partnership recall operating to the very edges of the envelope

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British aviation 2002-2012: government cuts begin to bite

The penultimate part of our series looking at the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign places a spotlight on activities between 2002 and 2012, when government cuts begin to bite

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The perilous first aerial crossing of the South Atlantic

Portuguese aviators Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho’s Lisbon-Funchal flight was just a dress rehearsal for a much larger, more demanding endeavour: the first South Atlantic crossing, which would test Coutinho’s new integrated aerial navigation system to the utmost

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British aviation 1992-2002: days of going it alone end

The fifth part of our series examining the British aviation industry during Elizabeth II’s reign focuses on the period between 1992 and 2002, when the days of going it alone ended

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From Bond to body hunts: Wg Cdr Ken Wallis' autogyro adventures

When the police were trying to find the missing Lord Lucan, the call went out to Wg Cdr Ken Wallis: bring an autogyro to Sussex and join the search. It wasn’t the only time this great man and his machines, equipped with film cameras, aided in body hunts

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