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History in the Air Since 1911

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New Wildcat restoration flies at Duxford

FM-2 painted in superb Fleet Air Arm Mediterranean theatre scheme

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How 501 Sqn Hawker Tempests downed 95 V1 flying bombs

For the Royal Auxiliary Air Force’s No 501 Squadron with its new Hawker Tempest Vs, the task was a stark one: destroy V1 flying bombs at any cost. Tom Spencer detailed the unit’s efforts in the August 2016 issue of Aeroplane Magazine

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How KLM kept flying as war spread through Europe

Frustrated at the consequences of war in 1940, KLM’s boss Albert Plesman dubbed the hangars full of DC-3s at Schiphol airport his “boxes of oranges”. The Aeroplane visited just before the German invasion

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Why de Havilland never produced a turret-equipped Mosquito

The concept of a Mosquito fitted with a turret was a rare dead end in relation to the type

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How the RAF nearly kept the Phantom

‘Phantom Phinale’ went the oft-used description in 1992, as the RAF prepared to retire its Phantom FGR2 fleet. But, behind the scenes, there was a plan to retain this great fighter’s capabilities

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Great ace 'Bud' Anderson and his original 'Old Crow'

‘Bud’ Anderson will forever be associated with the P-51 Mustangs he named Old Crow. But the first fighter to which ‘Bud’ had that moniker applied was a Bell P-39 Airacobra, and to mark his 100th birthday, a special salute was planned

Dunsfold 747 in Kuwaiti scheme for hijack drama

Ex-BA ‘Jumbo’ transformed for film role

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EXCLUSIVE! What's it like to fly the unique Reid and Sigrist Desford?

Just a single Reid and Sigrist Desford was built. Now, after a brief return to the skies, it will never fly again. We speak to the pilot who took the Desford’s controls for the final time

WIN! De Havilland DH88 Comet racer worth £349!

Our friends at Bravo Delta models are offering Aeroplane readers the chance to win one of their stunning de Havilland Comet Racer worth £349!

French Tracker firebomber to fly again?

Montélimar museum teams up with Sécurité Civile veterans to examine possible Turbo Firecat project

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