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AIR International Magazine has, over the years, established a reputation for authoritative reporting. The award-winning editorial team regularly visits trade shows, major manufacturers and operators to keep readers abreast of all the latest military and commercial industry news. The most renowned writers in the aerospace world provide technical assessments, including unique cutaway illustrations.

For the best in modern military and commercial aviation

Launched in 1972, over the years AIR International has established an unrivalled reputation for authoritative reporting and coverage of the full spectrum of aviation subjects.

More recently we have tried to improve the magazine from cover to cover. We have more correspondents and top aviation writers from around the world, offering even more exciting news, features and stunning photography.

AIR International has more pages than ever, all still dedicated to commercial and military aviation. Our new, more contemporary and colourful design, packed with more images and improved graphics make each page easier on the eye and, most importantly, more enjoyable to read!

So what’s in AIR International?


There’s more coverage of all the latest news stories and events, now split by geographical region. Furthermore, we have introduced news columns and a section of 'news in pictures'. Plus, there are dedicated news reports, more features and factual insider information.


AIR International still offers an unrivalled focus on the world of modern aviation. One big change is that we have new exclusive interviews providing answers from the people at the forefront of both military and commercial aviation.

The military segment still covers all aircraft and helicopter types in service with the world’s air arms. However there are new air exercise reports, offering worldwide coverage of activity, with editorial focus placed on their objectives, training value and the latest systems in action.

Additionally, there’s heightened exposure of UAVs with reporting on how unmanned aerial vehicles continue to evolve and adopt more military and scientific roles.

The commercial section continues to have great features and profiles on airlines. However we reveal how the airlines work. Moreover, we feature aircraft and helicopters in a variety of operations and roles within companies, institutions and para-civil organisations.

There is a new focus on technology with the latest systems used for research, flight test and science.

We believe that these changes have improved the reading experience of all of our readers whilst retaining AIR International’s rich tradition of aviation journalism and why not see for yourself!

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