Air France-KLM launches corporate travel SAF programme

Customers will be able to contribute to the scheme, reducing the airlines environmental impact

Corporate customers of Air France and KLM will soon be able to set up annual contributions – based on an estimate of CO2 emissions associated with their travel – which will be directed to the airline group’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) programme.

Donations are then set to be invested in the sourcing and consumption of SAF, supporting the development of the sustainable aviation fuel industry.

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Both airlines have been actively involved in research and development programmes regarding green fuels. In 2011, they were amongst the first to offer commercial flights with the fuel, demonstrating a possible alternative to fossil fuels.

Henri de Peyrelongue, executive vice president commercial sales, Air France-KLM, said: “Air France and KLM have been working for many years to reduce their environmental impact. The launch of the Corporate SAF programme is further proof of a strong commitment leading to concrete actions. Through their contribution, our corporate customers will be tomorrow’s partners in an energy transition that can be fully in line with their more eco-responsible travel policy.”

Today, sustainable fuel can originate from waste oils, waste products and forest residues. It can also be used as jet fuel without the need for any modifications.

According to the two flag carriers, implementing sustainable fuel can decrease emissions by more than 85% in comparison with regular fuel.

With the current climate issues placing a massive strain on the global environment, the airline group says customers of Air France and KLM have the opportunity to help reduce emissions when travelling for business.

Before the pandemic devastated passenger numbers within the aviation industry, the two airlines collected carried more than 100 million passengers per year.