Alstef Group to provide baggage-handling solution to Sheremetyevo International

A new transit hub is expected to be constructed to accommodate Aeroflot’s luggage operations  

Alstef Group, the airport luggage handling solutions firm, has been requested by Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International to construct a transit hub for Russia’s largest airline, Aeroflot, by creating a high-speed baggage transfer system.  

The new initiative is expected to connect domestic Terminal B to International Terminal C1 – also known as the ‘North hub’.  

Sheremetyevo International
Photo Wiki Commons/IM3847

A large number of the carrier’s transfer bags are transported through the airport’s baggage handling systems. The technology currently implemented works on a high-speed individual carrier system (ICS), which connects the two terminals. However, it has limited capacity as is already being fully utilised by other operations.  

Therefore, a new connection between Terminal B and Terminal C1 is set to be established, which plans to work on a two-way, high-speed conveyor line connecting the existing sortation devices within each facility.  

The software control solution, BAGWARE, is also planned to be altered to allow the existing ICS system and new conveyor platform to work as one integrated piece of equipment. In addition, the technology plans to increase sort system modifications and integrate two new transfer lines connected to Terminal B’s screening sites.  

“Both Terminal B and Terminal C1 have baggage handling capacity for 20 million PAX thanks to the prior completion of Alstef Group baggage handling projects,” said Philippe Hamon, Alstef Automation Head of Airport Sales. “This project will deliver the transfer system integration and increased transfer bag capacity needed to provide the airport and Aeroflot with fast and efficient, expanded connectivity between the two terminals without impacting the capacity and operations of the existing systems.” 

The Group intend to enable management of the Early Bird Bag Store (EBS) equipment of both North terminals, allowing baggage to be stored at either facility based on availability.  

The project is set to begin in the fourth quarter of this year and is expected to be completed by October 2022.