BAE Systems nets GPS module contract

BAE Systems has received a $325.5m contract from the Defense Logistics Agency for advanced Military Code (M-Code) Global Positioning System (GPS) modules to provide secure positioning, navigation, and timing data with anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities.

In a May 19 release it was announced that under the multi-year contract, BAE Systems will deliver Modernized GPS User Equipment Increment 1 Common GPS Modules (CGMs) compatible with the M-Code signal to support the US Department of Defense and international allies through 2030.

M Code
The M-Code modules assist in conducting operations in contested electronic warfare environments. BAE Systems

BAE Systems will manufacture the modules, manage their inventory on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency, and use them to build military-grade GPS receivers for ground and precision-guided munitions.

Greg Wild, director of Navigation and Sensor Systems at BAE Systems, said: “This contract will ensure the availability of M-Code module inventory to build advanced, next-generation GPS receivers.”

BAE Systems’ portfolio of M-Code GPS receivers includes the Miniature Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver Engine NavStrikeTM-M GPS receiver for precision-guided munitions. Additional receivers from the company's military GPS family are in development for transition to M-Code.