Big-capacity Q400

SpiceJet will put the Dash 8 Q400’s 90-seat layout into use later this year when it receives its first aircraft.
Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

The Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 has become the first in-production turboprop airliner to be certiied for 90 seats after the coniguration received Transport Canada approval.

Indian airline SpiceJet will introduce the 90-seat Q400 later this year when it puts into service the first of up to 50 examples it ordered in 2017.

Todd Young, Head of the Q Series Aircraft Programme at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft, hailed what he called a “milestone certiication”, saying the coniguration matches what he called “increasing growth in the number of passengers per departure in the turboprop market”.

The layout means a Q400 will have a 15% lower per-seat cost compared to the previous standard Q400, he said. The higher-capacity coniguration compares to the Q400’s standard 82-seat or 86-seat extra-capacity layouts.

Bombardier said it is developing further enhancements for the Q400 including a 2,000lb (907kg) increase in payload capacity and improved A-check and C-check intervals from 600 and 6,000 flight hours respectively to 800 and 8,000 flight hours.