Bordeaux Airport launches new solution to enhance cyber security

The WALLIX Bastion platform is set to provide an improved data protection service, whilst tightening security

European cybersecurity firm, WALLIX has announced that its Bastion platform – which provides secure remote access and enhance data protection – is now in operation at Bordeaux Airport.

The airport worked alongside technology company NXO France to deploy the new kit which provides enhanced security and monitoring for privileged accessed accounts. It was also introduced to respond and meet changing regulatory constraints, as well as to increase data protection within the sector.

Bordeaux Airport
Photo Wiki Commons/Ardfern

“Our choice naturally fell on WALLIX, which offers a strong solution certified by the French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (ANSSI). For us, this is a real guarantee of trust and quality. A choice reinforced by the existence of serious and positive local references,” said Guryan Quenet, CISO of Bordeaux Airport.

Since using the new software, Bordeaux have been able to take better control over the IT infrastructure. The cyber security firm ensures that all actions performed on servers are traceable, enabling external service providers and third-party suppliers to carry out maintenance work independently.

According to the airport, the new system has provided secure data access for over a third of employees who have been working from home throughout the pandemic.