Budapest International renews contract to protect security trays

According to the firm, the solution it produces can stay on a surface for up to a year and cannot be removed by regular cleaning products

Hungarian company Resysten, which has created an antimicrobial coating to shield surfaces from the spread of coronavirus, has renewed its contract with Budapest International Airport after initially forming an agreement a year ago.

According to the firm, studies have shown that security trays, which often carry more germs than the average toilet seat, saw a 99.6% reduction in contamination following thorough adenosine triphosphate (ATP) testing after 90 days.

Photo Resysten 

To prevent the spread of pathogens, the antimicrobial solution produces hydrogen peroxide when coming into contact with light. It has also been developed so that it cannot be removed by regular cleaning products, therefore remaining on a surface for up to a year.

Initially, the product was developed in Budapest in 2014 to halt the spread of infections found in hospitals and flu outbreaks seen on public transport. Since the beginning of lockdown in March last year, the company changed its priority to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, Resysten has treated 150,000m2 of surfaces and has formed partnerships in 35 countries internationally.