Cincinnati International adopts passenger flow management system

Working with technology firm, Veovo, the airport hopes to improve customer experience and make long-term operational enhancements

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) is collaborating with London-based technology provider, Veovo to expand data input at the hub.

The facility was the first in the US to implement ‘internet of things’ (IoT) sensor equipment at the security checkpoint to help monitor wait times.

Data drawn from the project allowed CVG and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to make decisions regarding staff scheduling – improving the passenger experience in process.

Photo Wiki Commons/Formulanone

Veovo’s flow management technology is being introduced at the airport to gain a better understanding of customer movements. This means that the hub will be able to see how travellers, airlines and processes interact.

"Providing memorable and predictable journeys, from the driveway to the runway, is a top priority for CVG, and data is the key enabler for our vision,” said Brian Cobb, chief innovation officer, CVG.

“Innovative solutions, like those provided by Veovo, allow us to gather and analyse data in real-time and proactively put it to work. We will be able to make better plans and improve productivity, respond to customer needs faster and tap into revenue growth opportunities.”

James Williamson, chief executive officer at Veovo, added: “Because traveller behaviour can vary, depending on volumes, time of day, travel class, destination and various other factors, this technology is invaluable in developing an even greater knowledge of the customer journey and helping to shape its future.”

The system is set to be rolled out at intervals throughout the year. Upon completion, CVG will be able to analyse the data to make operational decisions for long-term improvements at the facility.