Dnata opens cargo complex at Manchester Airport

The £30m investment provides a solution for the handling of temperature sensitive goods, such as the COVID-19 vaccine

One of the world’s largest air services providers, dnata has recently opened a new cargo complex at Manchester Airport.

The 150,000sq ft compound – dubbed dnata City North – represents an investment of £30 million and allows the company to develop whilst consolidating its operations at the airport.

Photo dnata

The facility is capable of processing 150,000 tons of cargo per year due to the 125,000sq ft warehouse space provided on site. Advanced technology aids the handling of a variety of cargo, including pharmaceuticals, perishables, dangerous goods, engines and vehicles in compliance with national safety standards.

“The new facility will further enhance the role we play in ensuring freight is seamlessly transported into and out of the North region markets from all parts of the world. Not only will the centre help the North’s trade credentials, it will boost employment opportunities for communities in Greater Manchester too,” said Gareth Jackson, MAG group property director.

Containing a pharma and perishables centre, the complex offers customers a solution for the handling of temperature sensitive goods, including the COVID-19 vaccine. The cold storage centres are modular and can therefore be changed in accordance with the handling demands.

There is also office space at the facility, providing an area that’s dedicated to working as well as breakout zones.

A new bespoke export facility at London Heathrow – dnata City East – is one of the latest investments the company has made which has significantly increased freight capacity at the base.

The firm now have to capacity to handle over 850,000 tons of cargo across the UK, with 14 facilities at six airports currently in operation.