El Dorado International to install windshear alerting system

The kit is set to enhance safety for aircraft during take-off and landing

El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia has appointed DTN – a data, analytics and technology company – as its weather partner for the safety of airport operations.

DTN will provide the facility with its MetConsole LiDAR Windshear Alerting System (LiWAS) which is able to track dangerous winds that endanger aircraft. This will work alongside the site’s current weather observation systems.

El Dorado Airport
Photo Wiki Commons/Tokota

The airport is the second largest in South America, with over 35 million passengers travelling through the hub each year.

Alejandro Reina, general coordinator of systems for aeronautical activity for the airport, said: “The El Dorado airport must use the most [modern] systems in order to offer maximum security and confidence to their passengers, complying with ICAO recommendations.”

The greatest danger posed to aircraft is the sudden change in wind speed or direction, known as windshear. This endangers aircraft during both take-off and landing, as there is little time to change course.

This type of wind activity can develop within seconds, making it crucial that it can be detected and alerted.

“With our advanced analytics and operational intelligence, pilots flying in and out of this airport will be able to quickly react to avoid dangerous winds on the runway and in the air,” added Marc Chesover, DTN president.

LiWAS is currently in use at over 350 airports internationally.