FBB and easyJet commence works on construction hangar

The facility is based at BER and is set to be fully operational by 2023 

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) and easyJet have begun construction work on the airline’s new maintenance hangar at the city’s newest airport.  

This is the carrier’s first maintenance base to be inaugurated outside of the UK. 

Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Photo Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The building is expected to be fully operational by the beginning of 2023, where it is set to be able to carry out work on four aircraft simultaneously.  

“Today’s first cut of the spade is an important milestone for our commitment in the capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg and I am very pleased that, after 17 years of constant commitment, we, with the commencement of construction work on our new maintenance hangar, have now been able to take the next strategic step towards the future of our base at BER airport,” said Stephan Erler, county manager at easyJet, Germany.  

“As a clear sign of our loyalty to our Berlin location we have decided to set up our first easyJet maintenance hangar outside Great Britain here at BER airport and thus extend our market position in the Capital Region still further, always combined with a long-term, sustainable approach for the economic region Berlin-Brandenburg.” 

Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, chief executive officer of FBB, added: “We thank easyJet for the good partnership between us, also during the pandemic, and for its confidence in the future of the BER. An Investment amounting to 20 million Euros and the creation of high-quality jobs at the BER are clear statements in favour of this region as an economic area and airport location. On an international market many locations, especially in pandemic times, would have been delighted about such an investment. We regard this as a compliment for the BER and an incentive for the future.” 

FBB is responsible for establishing the construction site and the civil engineering tasks connected to the foundations of the building and for infrastructure links. Comparatively, the design, superstructure of the hangar and installations will be carried out by the airline.