Finnair IATA Travel Pass trials underway

The platform is currently being tested on flights between London and Finland, with hopes the received feedback will improve the app’s performance  

Finnair has announced that trails of the IATA Travel Pass have begun on its route between Heathrow and Helsinki.  

The scheme started on July 14 and plans to continue until August 11 on flights travelling both directions between London and Finland.  

Photo IATA

IATA Travel Pass is a phone-based platform that utilises mobile technology to enable passengers to manage the proof of their Covid-19 certificate status in one place. Each customer’s certification is checked upon arrival to ensure they match with the desired location’s requirements.  

“Covid-19 travel restrictions have disrupted millions of travellers all around the world,” said Ole Orver, Finnair chief commercial officer. “They have also severely contributed to ever-present anxieties for travellers across the whole aviation sector. The industry is in need for current protocols to be replaced with more effective, digital solutions to simplify coronavirus travel procedures.” 

The company hope the app will soon be able to help travellers navigate their way through airports to streamline the boarding process by removing the need for physical documentation.  

Finnair is set to collect feedback from customers during the trial to contribute to the app’s future development.