Frankfurt Airport to open new visitor centre

The attraction will feature various interactive and immersive exhibits including a virtual-reality ride through the airport’s baggage handling system 

Frankfurt Airport is set to open its brand-new multimedia Fraport Visitor Center in Terminal 1 on August 2, ahead of the summer travel season.  

Guests will have the opportunity to explore the airport’s history and its day-to-day operations, while learning about aviation technologies and the future of commercial flight.  

etn/Frankfurt Airport
Photo etn/Frankfurt Airport

The Globe will be its most technologically sophisticated attraction, visualising all active flights around the world in real time. Spanning 25 square meters, the unique system comprises 28 individual LCD wall displays which are combined to create a single screen.  

The hub was completed in Autumn 2020 - following two years of construction - at a cost of approximately €5.7 million.  

“Our multimedia visitor centre allows people to better understand and experience first-hand the diverse and highly complex airport world,” said Stefan Schulte, CEO of Fraport. “The new attraction will also be key to strengthening long-term dialogue with our local community and guests from other parts of Germany and the world.” 

Anke Giesen, member of Fraport’s executive board, added: “We had to postpone its opening multiple times due to the pandemic. I am therefore all the more pleased to now unveil our new visitor attraction at Frankfurt Airport. The centre turns the spotlight on the fascinating world of airport life.”