Global 7500 delivered to Niki Lauda

BOMBARDIER ANNOUNCED on March 29, 2019, it has delivered a Global 7500 aircraft to former- Formula 1 racing driver Niki Lauder. The aircraft is also the first Global 7500 to be delivered to a European customer.

Lauda, who has previously operated a Challenger 300, Global 5000 and Global 6000, said: “I have enjoyed watching the evolution and growth of the Global Aircraft programme. I have always been impressed by the expertise, craftsmanship and innovation that go into building every Global business jet and I look forward to experiencing the range, speed and comfort this jet has to offer.”

In other Global 7500-related news, Bombardier announced on March 27 and 29, 2019, that the aircraft had broken speed records between Los Angeles and New York, and New York and London respectively.

On the Los Angeles-New York sector, the aircraft departed Van Nuys Airport, California at 07:01hrs local time on March 24, 2019 and arrived at Teterboro Airport at 13:55hrs local time, completing the flight in three hours and 55 minutes.

Bombardier said that, during the flight the aircraft achieved a maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and was able to sustain that speed for more than two hours.

Three days later the aircraft again achieved a top speed of Mach 0.925 during a flight across the Atlantic. This time, the aircraft departed White Plains, New York at 06:26hrs local time on March 27, 2019 and arrived at London’s Luton Airport at 15:32hrs local time, completing the trans-Atlantic flight in five hours and 26 minutes and at an average speed on Mach 0.92.

This second flight is reported to be the fastest flight for a business jet between the two airports and is pending certification by the US National Aeronautic Association based at Reagan Washington National Airport.