IATA survey reveals traveller confidence is restoring

Almost 60% of respondents said that they will travel within the first two months of the virus being contained

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced the results from its latest poll on travellers.

Results show that confidence in air travel is restoring, it also highlights that people are frustrated with the current restrictions in place but are happy about the idea of an app that could handle all health credentials for travel.

In terms of travel restrictions, the survey revealed that 88% of respondents believe that the right balance between managing the virus and restarting the economy needs to be found when reopening borders. Furthermore, 85% thought that international governments should set targets to help reopen borders – such as testing capacity and the distribution of the vaccine.

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Others felt that the virus needs to be managed as we learn to live with it by introducing measures for safe travel (84%). Around 68% of respondents felt that their quality of life had suffered due to the travel restrictions, with just under half stating that they felt the measures had gone too far.

Alexandre de Juniac, IATA director general and CEO, believes it is “important that we map a way to being able to reopen borders” following the responses from the most recent survey.

“It is becoming clear that we will need to learn to live and travel in a world that has COVID-19. Given the health, social and economic costs of travel restrictions, airlines should be ready to re-connect the world as soon as governments are able to re-open borders,” he added.

There has been an increase in responses saying whether they would travel within the first two months of the virus being contained – from 49% in September to 57% now. Following from this, 72% revealed that they will be seeing family and friends as soon as they are able to.

Some are a little more cautious, with 81% of responses suggesting that they would only travel once vaccinated. The quarantine measures also heavily impact the decision to travel, as 84% said that they will not travel if there is a chance they will have to self-isolate at a destination.

An extremely high percentage of responses agreed that governments need to standardise vaccine and testing certificates (89%).

The idea of a travel app which incorporates all the necessary health credentials needed to travel is becoming an increasingly popular idea. Survey results revealed that people like the concept of an IATA Travel Pass app and would use it as soon as possible (80%).

However, 78% of respondents made it clear that they would only use an app like this if they had full control over their data, with 60% revealing that they would not use of the app if it was stored centrally.

De Juniac reassures the public, stating that “there is no central database” as he reiterates that travellers will remain in full control of their mobile app.

“While we are making good progress with numerous trials, we are still awaiting the global standards for digital testing and vaccine certificates. Only with global standards and governments accepting them can we maximize efficiency and deliver an optimum travel experience,” he concluded.