Introduction to Park Air Systems Limited

Park Air Systems Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Northrop Grumman Corporation.  Park Air is the world’s leading provider of VHF and UHF ground-to-air communication solutions, both for civil and defence applications.

Park Air has been at the forefront of Air Traffic Management (ATM) communications technology for many years. We have led the way for the VDL Mode 2 and VDL Mode 3 data standards. Today we are an active member of industry leading groups such as EUROCAE Working Group 67, helping to define the future of IP standards for radio ground networks.

With the most advanced ATC radio on the market, we are pushing this culture of innovation further to ensure we continuously test and cooperate in development with other ATM communications suppliers to provide truly interoperable systems. 

A vital focus of our current work is protecting aviation communication networks from the growing threat of cyber-attacks. We focus a great deal of our innovation and research in this key area of Cybersecurity, and ensuring our customers’ networks remain operational.

We might have half a century of experience but we never stand still.

Civil ATM Communications Expertise

 Air Traffic Control communications have been the heart of Park Air business for more than 50 years.  As a designer, manufacturer and integrator dedicated to ATC communications, we have an enormous wealth of knowledge and understanding of the airport communications environment. Today, our cutting-edge products and systems are deployed in some of the world’s most remote locations and busiest global airports. We are driven by innovation and committed to providing market-leading technologies.

In the last five years, we have installed systems in some of the busiest airports and airspace in the World:

  • London Heathrow
  • UAE Dubai International
  • UAE Dubai World Central
  • Denmark Copenhagen
  • Brazil São Paulo
  • Netherlands Schiphol

The Park Air Sapphire Portfolio

The Park Air Sapphire portfolio is a range of products designed for civil aviation, which are tested together to create a seamless and robust plug and play communications system for all of your requirements.  At the heart of the Sapphire portfolio is the Park Air T6 – one of the most advanced VHF and UHF radios available within civil aviation communications today.  Combining this with our other products; antenna, cabinets, power supplies, lightening protection, we are able to offer our customers a scalable solution with interoperability designed in. 

Military Communications Expertise

Park Air has over 30 years’ experience in providing defence and military radio systems for ground-to-air communications around the globe.  Supplying systems for a myriad of defence requirements; from traditional national air-defence networks, to complex ship-borne systems and compact deployable cabin operations. Drawing on extensive experience within global civil Air Traffic Management installations, we also support the design of split-site ground stations for maximum range and clarity of communications.

The Park Air Onyx Communications Portfolio provides all of the components required for fixed, maritime and deployable surface to air defence communications systems.  At the heart of the Onyx offering is the Park Air M7 VHF/UHF range of software defined radios, providing voice, data, secure speech and electronic protection measures (EPM). We use our experience and our position as a leading OEM to ensure that NATO & other military customers worldwide receive a best-in-class system.

World Class Manufacturing Facility

Our manufacturing facility is designed specifically for the purpose of manufacturing ATM communication equipment. Comprising a 2,500 m2 area it includes a defence-level security features, assembly, test, integration and environmental chambers.  With this level of on-site capability, as well as a sophisticated network of partners around the world, we can service our global market without compromise.

Our facility is also pleased to boast a number of environmental benefits – including a rainwater harvesting system which has saved over 1.5 million litres of water since its installation.  Small changes, such as the move to LED lightbulbs, default printing on both sides of paper and employing a recycling policy all go towards making our facility even more class leading.

The Park Air Onyx Portfolio - UHF/VHF Radios for Military, Maritime and Civil Communications

The modular construction of the Park Air M7 radio allows configuration to meet the operational needs of a diverse customer base; depending on the requirement, the radio can configured to either be a Receiver or Transceiver. Additional hardware modules are available to add a control head, guard receiver and NATO standard or non-NATO EPM functions.

The Park Air M7 radio is designed specifically for demanding defence applications, offering features and benefits that include:

  • 50W continuously in AM voice mode and 100W in FM voice and NATO/non-NATO EPM modes, even in severe environments.
  • Multiple voice and data waveforms available, anticipating the tactical communication needs of military users - including AM/FM voice, wideband AM/FM data, Link 11 and international maritime.
  • Modular construction, enabling field maintenance and upgrade. Custom interface port also facilitates customer-specific upgrades.
  • Continuous tuning from 100-400MHz.
  • The small form factor allows more channels to be housed in the available cabinet space, particularly important where space is at a premium, such as in naval and transportable applications.
  • Optional EPM modules include non-NATO Talon, and NATO Have Quick and Saturn wave forms.
  • Enhanced security through role-based access control means that each user can only access the radio functions that they are cleared to operate.
  • MIL standard environmental and RF immunity compliance for fixed site, deployable and shipborne systems.


For over 50 years Park Air has offered comprehensive training on the installation, operation, and maintenance of our equipment.  In 2016, we opened the doors to the Park Air Training Academy, which has allowed us to expand the training we offer and the range of ATM courses available.

We offer training courses specifically designed for professionals responsible for the acquisition, installation, support and maintenance of ATM communications systems. Courses are developed by our technical experts, including product design specialists and field support staff. Our courses are delivered by professional trainers with extensive ATM communications experience.

Through Life Support

As a leading global provider of VHF and UHF communications, Park Air takes pride in delivering a class leading ownership experience.  We offer all our customers access to our free 24/7 helpline staffed by experienced Park Air field service engineers, for both the Onyx and Sapphire portfolios. These engineers specialise in a range of VHF and UHF communication disciplines including radio, VCCS and recorders.   

We provide post-sales and technical support services throughout the life cycle of systems we deliver.

All elements of Park Air solutions are designed with ease of maintenance in mind to reduce engineering overhead and maximise operational availability.  Due to our confidence in the equipment we supply, we offer a standard 2 year warranty on all Park Air supplied equipment. Extended warranty options of up to 5 years are also available.

We provision for through life support and diagnostics throughout the life cycle of all our systems, as well as equipment replacements, retro-fitting, maintenance contracts and knowledge transfer training.  To support the smooth running of our systems we provide an information service regarding software updates, service modifications and configuration management to ensure maximum system performance.

Park Air Systems Limited