Israel tests Rampage missile

Israel successfully flight-tested an air-launched ballistic missile from an F-16 variant in June. The test, announced in August, involved the Rampage, a GPS/ INS-guided 15ft (4.7m) missile developed by Israeli Aircraft Industries and Israeli Military Industries. Press reports did not mention the use of a terminal seeker.

Rampage is designed for Israel’s F-15s, F-16s and F-35 Adirs. With a reported range in excess of 90 nautical miles (167km), Rampage is a standoff weapon designed for strikes against air defence systems. It reportedly uses both an explosive warhead and the kinetic energy of high-speed impact for a hardened target defeat capability.

The missile itself is a variant of the Israeli Military Industries’ EXTRA (Extended Range Artillery) surface-to-surface missile, and an earlier air-launched version, called Mars. Rampage production is planned to start in 2019. There is reportedly one, unidentified, customer for the weapon already.

David C Isby