Perth Airport adds new service animal relief areas

The gateway hopes that these will provide passengers with a more private and fit for purpose facility 

Perth Airport has introduced two new service animal relief areas to make it easier for passengers travelling with an assistance animal through Terminal 1 and Terminal 4.  

The facilities include a distress assistance call button connected to the airport’s control centre, and  audio instruction technology which can be activated by a push button. They also feature a wall mounted water bowl and dog waste bag dispenser.  

Perth Airport
Photo Perth Airport

The business says it is committed to making travel more accessible for all passengers and hopes that the project will create a more inclusive environment for people with disabilities.  

"We're continually looking at opportunities to improve access for people travelling with a disability and the new facilities are part of our commitment to making our airport more accessible for all,” said Kate Holsgrove, Perth Airport's chief commercial officer. 

"When people with service animals travel, they are obviously keen to ensure that their animal is cared for in the best possible way, whether that be pre or post flight. The locations of the new facilities have been chosen to allow quick and easy access, particularly while waiting on baggage or following the check-in process.” 

The hub’s Access and Inclusion Customer Reference Group has provided valuable feedback and advice on the travel experience, and suggested further improvements which could be made to the site’s infrastructure and operations. 

Holsgrove, added: "The purpose of the Perth Airport Access and Inclusion Customer Reference Group is to advocate for accessibility, discuss barriers to inclusion and improve the customer experience for people with disabilities. 

"The group has allowed us to work together to create a more inclusive airport for Western Australia. We thank everyone involved who has helped us with this project, in particular VisAbility, Blind Citizens WA, and People with Disabilities WA.”