Prague Airport to take over passenger assistance services

The assistance services and oversize baggage check-in counters were previously operated by an external supplier

Prague’s Václav Havel Airport is set to assume the management of assistance services for passengers with reduced mobility and orientation (PRM) and oversized baggage check-in later this month.

These facilities were previously provided by an external supplier and all the services made available to customers at the airport will be under the same regime as before.

The airport has been preparing for the take over for some time now. The necessary terminal inventory has been purchased and includes mobility equipment such as orthopaedic wheelchairs. Suitable appliances have also been purchased for the apron, including vehicles with a lifting cabin and modified small sized lorries.

Prague Airport
Photo Prague Airport

As the new services require staff reinforcement, Prague Airport have hired more than 50 new employees to help operate the organisational unit.

“We place high demands on the quality of customer experience. That is why it is essential for us to have these important services under our control with a direct impact on their quality, along with the ability to change and improve them flexibly as needed,” said David Prošek, the manager responsible for assistance services and check-in of oversize baggage at the airport.

Passengers can request assistance at any of the 20 contact points located across the airport, which also includes positions at both departures and arrivals. There is also one comfort zone in each terminal building.

Customers using the facilities should book the service in advance, so assistance can be granted immediately upon arrival.