Riga Airport deploys new A-CDM procedures

The airport is the first in the Baltics to use the new platform, joining over 30 European hubs who have employed A-CDM

Riga Airport has become the first hub in the Baltic States to deploy Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) procedures which aim to improve service quality and passenger safety.

The new system – which is a joint venture operated by Latvijas gaisa satiksme (LGS), an air navigation services provider and Riga Airport – aims to ensure the communication of accurate information between airport and aircraft operators, ground handling teams and air traffic controllers.

Riga Airport
Photo Wiki Commons/Avio2016

By implementing the new procedure, waiting times for passengers can be reduced and take-offs can be scheduled with greater precision.

This also benefits airlines, as costs for resources and fuel can be reduced due to the more structured waiting times prior to take-off. Reducing the use of aircraft engines also allows for the decrease in environmental pollution and noise.

“A-CDM is more than just procedures and processes, it is a shift in thinking and working, by integrating the operational services of the airport into the real-time information space and allowing everyone to work as a unified team. Accurate, timely and transparent exchange of information and a common understanding of the situation as a whole, allows for sustainable and efficient use of infrastructure and resources, fuel saving for airlines, reduced CO2 emissions and better experiences for travellers,” said Laila Odina, chair of the board for Riga Airport.

The facility has implemented new hardware and software for the A-CDM platform, as well as communication resources and other improvements. The software at LGS has also been updated to make way for the new processes.

Once normal flight regimes resume, the new system will allow for an increase in overall capacity.