Rovaniemi Airport welcomes carbon-free heating

The new heating system will enable the airport to reduce its environmental impact

Rovaniemi Airport has taken a step closer to being carbon free after Finnish airport operator, Finavia and electricity and water supply specialists, Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi (Neve), agreed on the usage of carbon-neutral district heating.

The airport’s environmental impact stems from heating used in buildings and the amount of energy consumed by vehicles.

Photo Finavia

“We have worked systematically to reduce the climate impact of our airports for over ten years now,” said Henri Hansson, SVP airport infrastructure and sustainability at Finavia. “We reached an important milestone two years ago when all our airports became carbon neutral. Our objective is to achieve zero net emissions in 2030, and we continue on our journey towards emissions-free airports. The cooperation with Neve is an important step along this journey.”

Neve’s carbon-neutral heating product – Vihreä Lähilämpö – supports measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that Finavia has pinpointed in its climate programme.

Kristian Gullsten, CEO of Neve, revealed that the company generates most of its heat from wood-based fuels such as wood chips and wood industry biproducts (dust, bark, shavings and recycled wood). The company also plans on burning dried sewage as an energy resource in the near future.

“We have made significant investments in reducing our emissions, and our objective is to make all our production emissions-free by the end of this decade. Thanks to our Vihreä Lähilämpö, we can offer carbon neutral district heating to the majority of our customers,” said Gullsten.

Finavia operates 21 airports around Finland, all of which are carbon neutral. The facilities offer long-haul flights around the Nordic regions and promote smooth travel to and from Finland.

Neve offers a multitude of services including electricity services, water supply and infrastructure. Serving more than 60,000 customers in Lapland, the firm has around 140 employees that continually work on energy operations.