Siemens launches Baggage 360 software

According to the firm, the new solution provides airports with constant luggage flow monitoring, whilst utilising AI technology  

Siemens Logistics has launched a new version of its baggage handling and airport operations software, Baggage 360.  

This upgraded platform provides airports, airlines and ground handlers with real-time luggage flow forecasting, as well as an interactive map of all airfield movements and a resource planning and simulation tool.  

The company believes that by using these tools, a flights lateral assignment can be altered to shorten the baggage journey time.  

Siemens Logistics
Photo Siemens Logistics 

Therefore, the software is said to enable airport stakeholders to optimise their resources.  

Baggage 360 utilises cloud technology to offer more Internet of Things functionalities through artificial intelligence. According to the company, it also uses machine learning algorithms to anticipate expected luggage volumes over a 24-hour period.  

Siemens also recorded that, on a single day, the software contributed to 22% fewer bags being left behind.  

“The new release of Baggage 360 is an important step toward a digital twin for baggage handling processes,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “The virtual representation of real-time operations helps airports to monitor and manage processes remotely and intuitively. Our pilot customers were impressed by how additional functionalities increased their operational efficiency.” 

Furthermore, the firm stated that the platform can be implemented at any airport, even with differing operating systems.