Sonderborg Airport enhances air traffic solutions

The Danish base plans to modernise operations to improve workflow and advance safety  

Sonderborg Airport in Denmark is set to upgrade its remote control and monitoring system (RCMS) and automatic weather observation platform (AWOS) from Insero Air Traffic Solutions to help modernise operations.  

By upgrading the software to the most up to date versions, the hub hopes that operational procedures and workflows will improve.  

Sonderborg Airport
Photo Wiki Commons/Nis Hoff

“After using versions of RCMS, AWOS and RADIS for many years, and enjoying Insero’s strong support, we were in no doubt that Insero should continue to supply ATS-systems to the airport,” said Morten Nielsen, head of ATS at Sonderborg Airport. “We are confident, that the systems are in full compliance with all regulations set by authorities, and that we are well prepared in terms of meeting the development plans laid out for the airport.” 

A flight data processing system was also implemented at the base earlier this year – called Insero AIMS – which helps automate and streamline workflows for flight plans.  

This software is said to provide intelligent handling of flight plans and meteorological information.  

Several European airports currently use both the RCMS and Insero AWOS technologies.