SriLankan Airlines restores Domodedovo-Colombo service

The hub is the only facility is Moscow that offers travel to Sri Lanka’s commercial capital  

SriLankan Airlines resumed flights from Moscow Domodedovo Airport to Colombo on Saturday (July 31).  

The carrier plans to continue running one flight on a Saturday per week, departing from the Russian hub at 7.15pm.  

SriLankan Airlines
Photo SriLankan Airlines

“This is a significant air link for SriLankan Airlines as we connect to the largest country in the world which is also known as one of the greatest cultural and historic destinations,” said Vipula Gunatilleka, SriLankan Airlines CEO. “This operation would offer a new and easy travel path in connecting the Russian Federation and surrounding countries. We are eagerly awaiting to welcome Russian visitors in Sri Lanka and passengers onboard our flights to Russia.” 

Andrey Pavlov, the director of Moscow Domodedovo Airport, added that “Colombo is seen as a very unique destination for the Moscow aviation hub”.  

He continues: “The arrival of SriLankan Airlines on the Russian market will open many opportunities for tourist development of our countries. We are sure that our previous successful experience of partnership will allow us to effectively work in the future.” 

Sri Lanka’s national airline previously operated at Domodedovo from 2011 to 2015, serving around 115,000 passengers.