Traffic figures remain low at Frankfurt Airport, Fraport reveals

Cargo operations remain strong at the German hub, despite the absence of additional capacity provided by passenger aircraft

Frankfurt Airport’s passenger numbers continue to be heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as its April 2021 report shows that the hub served a total of 983,839 customers last month.

Although this represents a 423.1% increase, the figure is based on a low baseline recorded in the same month last year, when air traffic was almost at a standstill.

Throughout the first four months of 2021, the airport served more than 3.4 million travellers – a decline of 69.3% compared with 2020 and 83.3% versus the year before.

Fraport AG
Photo Fraport AG

Comparatively, the hub’s cargo throughput continued to grow during last month. This even resulted in Frankfurt achieving a new April cargo record, with traffic climbing to 201,661 metric tons.

This expansion occurred despite the lack of capacity that is normally provided by passenger flights. Aircraft movements increased by 137.8% compared with the same period last year, accumulating to 15,486 take-offs.

All of Fraport Group’s airports recorded high growth rates last month – the first time since the pandemic began. However, traffic declines were still present compared with pre-Covid-19 figures.

Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia served 8,751 customers throughout April 2021. Alongside this, the two Brazilian hubs, Fortaleza and Porto Alegre, increased to 291,990 passengers, whereas Lima International in Peru recorded 544,142 travellers.

At the 14 Greek regional sites operated by Fraport, traffic increased to 162,462 travellers in the same time period.

The Twin Star bases of Burgas and Varna, located on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, recorded a total of 26,993 passengers overall. Comparatively, more than 3.7 million customers passed through China’s Xi’an Airport last month.