US Special Operations Forces receive sUAS launcher

UAV Solutions has announced on the delivery its small unmanned aerial system (sUAS) Pneumatic Launch System (PLS) to US Special Operations Forces.

According to an August 3 release the PLS has been selected by a variety of military organisations as a replacement to existing launch capabilities, with the system supporting a variety of operational sUAS up to 30lb (13.6kg) in mass gross take off weight.

UAV Solutions Pneumatic Launch System
Small UAS platforms often use launchers to reduce the operational footprint of the system. UAV Solutions

In addition, the PLS can accommodate existing or newly-develop unmanned systems that require a ground- or sea-based launch capability. Deliveries of the PLS began in November of 2019 with over forty units being sold to date.

The PLS utilises a pneumatic charging solution that can be adjusted for vehicle weight or changes in altitude. The main components are manufactured of composite material in order to keep the system weight low.

The system can be unpacked and ready for operation in under five minutes with a cycle time between launches of less than one minute.

"The PLS was developed utilising over a decade and a half of launcher design experience and has created the most capable and cost-effective system available for sUAS,” stated Billie Ann Davidson, president of UAV Solutions.