Aviation Training

US Navy receives first TH-73A helicopter

The US Navy has taken receipt of the first TH-73A training helicopter from Leonardo

CAE USA to deliver Jolly Green II training system

Training systems provider CAE announced on May 27 that CAE USA has been awarded a contract to deliver an initial prototype virtual reality/mixed reality aircrew trainer for the USAF’s new combat search and rescue helicopter, the HH-60W “Jolly Green II”

Canada’s future aircrew training programme moves forward

Babcock Canada and Leonardo Canada have signed a Letter of Intent to jointly pursue Canada’s Future Aircrew Training programme and to create a Canadian joint venture

VIDEO: Flight schools fight back against gloomy pilot jobs outlook

Last month, the British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) effectively told prospective pilots not to bother training because of COVID-19’s impact on the aviation industry. Key.Aero spoke to four flight schools to find out why they feel very differently…