La responsabilidad de la enseñanza superior para una mentalidad ecológica

As we move to the fourth of a series considering the topic of climate change from different viewpoints within the EU aviation community, Air Traffic Management had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Justas Nugaras, who is the Dean of Faculty for Aviation at the Antanas Gustaitis Aviation Institute - Vilnius Tech.

Green flying begins with a mindset as to the way this topic is approached. Whether it is an individual or an organisation deciding to fly or not. This can also translate into the role of an air traffic controller and the way they look at their role. Are they responsible for safely moving planes or safely moving planes with a consideration for the least impact to the climate?

Higher education plays a role in developing this mindset for the future. The graduates in the next few years will spend about forty years of their lives in roles that will be impacted by climate change regulation and business priorities. Building the mindset while at university will put them one step ahead. All of the aviation curriculum at Vilinius Tech has a greener aviation component to it.

Las universidades son excelentes para investigar y unir diferentes puntos de vista para llegar a una solución. Deben ser incluidas en el desarrollo de los KPI de la ATM para el futuro. Estos KPIs deben considerar una visión más amplia de este tema que abarque las tendencias sociales, económicas y tecnológicas.

Acompáñenos la próxima semana para continuar el debate desde el punto de vista de la educación superior y pasar a las implicaciones económicas de los vuelos ecológicos. En nuestra próxima edición nos acompañará el Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert, de la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Worms.