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Once again we will be partnering with Unmanned Airspace and continuing our UTM/UAS focus, though with some different award categories. We hope we will be able to present the winners their awards in person at the 2022 WATMC event, currently planned for June.

The ATM awards aim to encourage pioneering concepts and acknowledge significant achievements in the performance areas of safety, innovation, cost efficiency and environmental responsibility. They are open to all ATM, UTM, UAS stakeholders - manufacturers, software developers, research agencies, standards organisations, air navigation service providers, regulators, drone service providers and operating companies, airports and aircraft operating companies.


The categories

We will continue with a total of eight awards and welcome organisations working in the UTM and ATM domains to apply for awards in more than one category.

  • ATM Innovation – Recognising outstanding efforts to advance ATM modernisation – research programmes, new technology advances, new ways of working across stakeholders in the industry.
  • Post-pandemic ATM – The pandemic has had monumental impacts on the world of ATM. This category recognises activities which address these challenges and will have benefits for many years to come – safety enhancement, remote towers, new services, societal impacts, technology improvements and reduced cost structures. This is your chance to showcase how you have addressed such topics.
  • Satellite Solutions – Recognising the roles satellite providers play in support of the aviation community.
  • Upper Airspace – New aircraft, new traffic management requirements, new ways of working. Tell us your story.
  • UTM Innovation – Recognising outstanding efforts to advance UTM – UTM/ATM airspace integration, UTM/ATM communications, research programmes, technology advances, ways of working across stakeholders in the industry.
  • UAM – Urban Air Mobility is coming. Let’s consider the industry leaders who will move us closer to this industry becoming a reality
  • UAS Detect and Avoid – Without the introduction of detect and avoid solutions, UAS industry growth cannot be achieved. This key topic in 2021 is a core technology required to support future aspirations of a non-segregated airspace.
  • UTM/ATM Communications - Recognising pioneering technologies and solutions developed by UTM service suppliers and/or deployed by ANSPs and drone operators.

The process

All organisations active in the ATM/UTM industry are eligible to submit an entry. Companies are eligible to apply in more than one category (separate nomination form required for each). Within an individual category, only one entry per company is permitted - unless part of a larger team - and the deadline for nominations is 28 February, 2022. 

If you have any questions please contact

Submit ATM Awards Entry

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