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Alexander Mladenov Article

After the burn

Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) – the holding company that controls all aero-engine design bureaus and production plants in the country – has initiated the development of a common advanced afterburning turbofan suitable for installation on the entire production line of Su-27/30/35 (Flanker) fighters

US DOD Article

Anti-satellite capabilities could threaten key constellations

With Earth orbit a potential battlespace of the future and the proliferation of satellite constellations presenting more potential targets than ever before, a range of capabilities have been or are being developed by space-faring countries terrestrial tensions could be mirrored in space

E-7A Wedgetail aircraft Article

Popular MESA radar can trace its origin back nearly two decades

US-based aerospace systems prime Northrop Grumman’s MESA radar is making waves as the premier sensor of the E-7 Wedgetail aircraft, a type soon to be acquired by the UK, but its origins lie in an idea from the turn of the millennium

second Ka-31 serialed Red 032 Article

Eye in the sky

Without doubt, one of the most formidable airborne early warning and over-the-horizon targeting rotary-wing platforms in the world today, the Kamov Ka-31 offers long-range detection against air and sea targets together with a sophisticated jam-resistant and secure datalink system

Saab Article

Military biofuels – Going green

Climate change has come to the military. The international drive to reduce the world’s carbon footprint has inevitably meant that air forces are having to explore ways to reduce their dependency on liquid aviation fuel, which is derived from fossil fuel resources.

Airbus Article

Powering the future

A stealthy tactical fast jet that is networked, able to collaborate with autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), as well as being interoperable with other space, air, ground and naval assets, is a vision for the Franco-German-Spanish Future Combat Air System (FCAS) project

Baykar Article

Emergent player – Turkey’s drone industry

Spurred on in the early 2000s by the growing international unmanned market, Turkey developed an indigenous drone industry and has become a significant UAV player

Boeing-saab Article

Red Hawk progresses but challenges remain

The T-X programme, intended to replace the ageing fleet of T-38C Talon jet trainers in service with the US Air Force (USAF), was one of the most hotly contested US military procurement competitions in recent years, with a who’s who of aerospace defence companies all actively engaged

The Tentara Nasional Indonesia Article

Buyer’s market – Indo-Pacific fighter procurement

Increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific have led many countries to assess their defence spending and priorities, and with it a focus on combat air capabilities. The region’s combination of fiscal muscle and political incentive suggests a strong market outlook for the future.

The mother of invention Article

Insight into Ukraine’s rotary re-engineering

Contending with an ageing fleet of military rotorcraft, Ukraine’s aerospace companies have in recent years sought to introduce a series of refurbishments, upgrades and re-engining programmes to ensure the aircraft are kept airborne, and relevant

Nigel Pittaway Article

Poseidon looks to capture maritime patrol market

The P-8A Poseidon could become the dominant maritime patrol aircraft among NATO and key allied states; commonality bringing benefits to sustainment and interoperability. However, questions remain as to whether a lack of competition and variety could hinder operational effectiveness

Future Force 1 Article

Tempest central to the UK RAF’s future fleet

With the UK Royal Air Force (RAF) banking on the success of the Tempest programme to fulfil its defence aerospace requirements for the second half of the century, defence observers are keen to see where the platform will fit into the future line-up of the fleet